This week Lakeville Fire Rescue Boat 9744 took part in an emergency response drill on the San Francisco Bay. Over two dozen federal, state and local agencies participated in the exercise. The goal of ...
Monday, December 7th, 2015
Lakeville is one of the best water operations teams in Nor Cal. Congrats also to Alameda County Fire and Southern Marin Fire.
George Gambonini
Executive Board
The cornerstone of our department is not the fire engines, the fire hoses, the medical equipment, or the station.  It*s the members.  Thanks to the advanced training and efforts of these volunteer firefighters, the department has been able to focus on improving and expanding upon the traditional Fire Protection services of the past, and evolving into an outstanding fire fighting organization that can be called upon for a wide variety of emergency situations.  The Chief and Fire Captains work together to develop a plan that can be put into action and the Firefighters are the ones that execute the plan.  Their dedication and sacrifice is exemplary and is what makes this department great.  

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