This week Lakeville Fire Rescue Boat 9744 took part in an emergency response drill on the San Francisco Bay. Over two dozen federal, state and local agencies participated in the exercise. The goal of ...
Monday, December 7th, 2015
Lakeville is one of the best water operations teams in Nor Cal. Congrats also to Alameda County Fire and Southern Marin Fire.
Lakeville Newsletter 2015


Dear Residents and Friends of Lakeville,
      It is with great honor that I represent you as the President of the Lakeville Volunteer Fire Department Board of Directors.  I am a lifelong resident of this great county and somewhat of a new kid on the block with 10 years as a resident on Lakeville Highway. What an exciting year for me to be asked to serve as Vice President and then, shortly after, to trade hats for President.
      This has been a great year of accomplishment!  We have new enthusiastic board members.  And the community’s generosity is always outstanding, as in the example of a community member donating computer software and a lap top, so we can import years of data for our fire department. County Fire has furnished us with surplus equipment.  And also, in October, we had a successful pancake breakfast fundraiser.  Thank you to all our volunteers and donors! 
      Our most exciting accomplishment is WINNING the First Place award in the “Swift Water” Maritime/Water Rescue class competition during the Urban Shield 2014 Exercise.  Lakeville Volunteer Fire Department was the only VOLUNTEER team to participate.  Congratulations to the Firefighters who proudly represented our department and community.
      Please take a moment to review this newsletter to learn more about our year of activities & service calls, our board members, our finances, and a roster of a great crew of volunteer firefighters. We also have some useful tips on what to do in an emergency and how to keep you and your family safe.
      In addition to serving the property owners and residents of Lakeville Community, we also serve all who travel through our area, the travelers of all the corridors, airways, and waterways who might come into harm’s way. Not to mention the large events held at the Sonoma Raceway that brings tens of thousands of people to our community. This creates quite a heavy traffic area with complex rescue challenges along with firefighter responsibilities.
      I would also like to introduce you to our 2015 Board of Directors. Each member brings his/her talents to the board to serve you and the Lakeville community. Their backgrounds, like our community, represent diverse industries and ranching businesses.  Each member has donated countless hours of service.  
      It is important to remember that the Lakeville Volunteer Fire Department depends on donations from residents and friends like you to provide emergency services to our community. Your continued financial support of our department is crucial to the safety of the community. In the past we have asked for specific donations related to the size of your property,  with homeowners asked to donated at least $80 and larger operations donating $250 or more. Please take time to donate by using the self addressed donation envelope included with this newsletter. I also want to remind you that you can make a donation on the department website online at www.lakeville-fire.com. I want to assure you that the Lakeville Volunteer Fire Department Board takes their responsibilities very seriously and we will make sure that each and every dollar you donate, will be utilized wisely and to its maximum potential.
      I ENCOURAGE YOU, WHEN YOU SEE ONE OF OUR Lakeville Volunteer Firefighters, or Board Members, to take a moment and thank them for donating their time to protect you, your family and your property strictly on a volunteer basis.
      Best Regards, Angela DeCarli


Angela DeCarli
Vice President:
Craig Jacobsen
Marilyn Bordessa
Stacey Gambonini
George Gambonini

Board meetings are held the first Thursday of each month in the Lakeville Volunteer Fire Department Firehouse at 5100 Lakeville Highway. The meetings are open to the
Lakeville community. Anyone wishing to make a presentation at the board meeting, please contact the Secretary of the Board two weeks prior to the board meeting at the following email: secretary@lakeville-fire.com. All requests will be considered by the Board of Directors and confirmed by email or letter.



Lakeville Fire Department Information
P.O. Box 7033
Petaluma, CA 94955
Phone/Fax: (707)762-2005/(707)782-0460


2014 Financial Report


County Runs
Sonoma Speedway Events
$ 8,159.00
Co Operating Expense
$ 5,000.00
Other Income
$    622.00
Total Income
$    730.00
Maintenance & Repair
$ 5,296.00
$ 6,061.00

Firefighter Expenses

$     999.00
$ 5,717.00
$ 4,800.00
Total Expenses
Total Net Income


Nick Silva
Chris Jacobsen
Captain (Training)
Steve Walton
Dan Buck
Captain (LOA)
Captain (Logistics)
Brian Clarke
Acting Captain (Operations)
Aaron Mix
Acting Captain (Medical)
JackBartleyFirefighter - EMT
Tyler Buttke
Firefighter - EMT
Scott Glaholt
Firefighter - EMT
Sam Martinez
Firefighter - EMT
Matt Terrill
Firefighter - EMT
Rick Facendini
Firefighter - EMT
Marshall Nau
Firefighter -EMT
Josh Zaret
Firefighter -EMT
Patrick Bignardi
Firefighter Recruit
Thomas Harrigan
Firefighter Recruit
Jim IshSupport

2014 Calls



Traffic Collision
Medical Aid
Vegetation Fire
Structure Fire 1
Hazardous Condition 9
Fire/Smoke Investigations 8
Vehicle Fire 3
Other 4
Mutual Aid/Auto Aid
2014 Donation Recognition
Livio Aggio
Ruth & KeithAguirre
Russ & Carol Ahlgrim
Gloria Altenreuther
Ken & Rich Altenreuther
Tom Altenreuther
American AgCredit
Thomas Bachman
Brad Beedle
Lester & Evelyn Bennett
Roxanne Bettinelli
Margaret & Marilyn Bordessa
Mike & Cindy Bordessa
Berti Dicke-Cardinaux & Rene Cardinaux
Clover Stornetta Farms, Inc.
James & Phyllis Coulter
Copernicus Stables
Tom W. & Cynthia Crane
Dick & Shirley Fedrick/Bar CR Cattle Co.
Ronald & Kristy Fedrick
Frank & Stacey Gambonini
Gamlake Dairy
Marie Gilardi
Leslie Michael Goldner
Jim & Joan Griffin/Griffin's Lair
Sabrina & Marco Hellman
Kathryn Heloise & George Perry
Sid & Gigi Hendricks
Rockin H Ranch
Kip & Marilyn Herzog
Jacobsen Ranches
, Inc.
Craig & Lisa Jacobsen
Rod Jamieson Family
Charles & Diana Karren
Keller Estates Winery
Kenwood BPSC Hunt Club
Jim & Sandy Kriegsman
Franklin & Aileen Krutz
Kullberg Farms/Margaret Kullberg
Lakeville Firefighters Association
Lakeville River Ranch, LLC
Chris Marsh Training Stables
Martinelli Ranches
Charles & Evelyn Matteri
Jim, Luci & J.V. Mendoza/JLT Ranch
Michael's Sourdough Sandwiches
Juanita Miller
Marvin, Sue, & Sarah Miller
Jayme & Patricia Moats
Moose Boats, Inc.
Gene Petersen Truck Repairs
Herb Roche
/Roche Brothers Ranch
Lee W. Schaller
Celeste Sequeira
George Sequeira/Sequeira Ranches
Don & Virginia Silacci
Larry & Christy Silacci
Bill & Gail Silva/Silva Ranch
Sleepy Hollow Properties, LLC
Sonoma Speedway, LLC
Stage Gulch Vineyards
Universal Portfolio Ltd.
Verihealth, Inc.
Dayna Willard

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